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About Us

“Our mission is to create happiness.” — Dan

A Few Words from Directors

Dan & Brooke McCormack

“The big markers in my upbringing were experiential rather than things. I vaguely remember when we got our first computer, but my memories of stuff are really vague compared to the experiences I had. I don’t remember a single pair of sneakers or item of clothing.”

“I played a ton of sports, eventually getting to a high level, and this shaped my identity, provided me with opportunities, and was the basis for my strongest friendships.” - Dan

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Dan and Brooke met while working as camp counselors and now are living their dream life providing a loving and nurturing family for the boys of Camp Winaukee each summer. They have three children, Keelin, Nora and Harry, who are instantly recognizable around the Winaukee grounds with their red hair and infectious laughter! Campers who are missing their pet from home can also hang out with Winaukee's camp dog, Penny!

“Now that I’m a parent, I don’t want to give my kids too much stuff. I don’t want to be Scrooge, but I’ve discovered the things that shape kids to be happy adults are the experiences they have.” — Brooke

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Kids Learn from Doing Things

Winaukee exists to provide a wide scope of experiences and meaningful relationships through sports and adventure, within a traditional camp setting.

That describes how we build boys up, but there’s more to it — we want boys to live happy lives. Winaukee exists to provide life-changing experiences that shape a boy into a man, and direct the path his life will follow.

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Winaukee Values

Sportsmanship is about character and making the right choices on and off the field

Spirit is boys enjoying the experience of camp with a mindset of gratitude and never wasting a second!

Brotherhood is boys developing meaningful personal relationships with other campers and our incredible staff

Community is treating everyone with the same level of respect, showing humility, and recognizing everyone’s contribution to the greater good

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Camp Winaukee is more than a sum of its parts — the activities, the program, the counselors, the leadership — together we are creating life changing experiences for boys because we want them to lead happy lives.

In a world where more and more kids are wrestling with intense academic pressure, technology addiction, social anxiety, or just the lack of time to be kids, Winaukee is taking a stand.

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We Want More for Your Son

“Boys need time to be boys, but they also need to have the life experiences that will turn them into confident men. Our intentional summer camp program is designed to challenge your son to be more.”

“Shaving cream fights, playing sports all day, building camp fires, canteen raids, staying up late to look at the stars — these are the constructive experiences that shape boys into men.” — Brooke

First Time Campers

Most boys start coming to Camp when they are 7, 8, or 9 years old.

We Make His “Big Adventure” Fun

Camp Winaukee is proud to be considered one of the best summer camps in America and a top employer for summer jobs and internships.