Ever wondered what it would be like to live at Winaukee all year? We are about to find out!

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As you are aware, our goal was to run camp this summer – we felt strongly (and still do) that camp is the safest place for children to be. However, the delays and lack of information from the State and their burdensome requirements made things very challenging. Instead, we were able to facilitate a large rental group at camp and also run a 6 week family camp program in September.

In order to do both of these things, we knew it would be incredibly difficult to stay at our home in New Jersey. So we made the decision to move to New Hampshire and stay through Summer 2021! This allowed us to test protocols and processes and see first-hand what worked well and how our camp could function safely. We are thrilled to report that we ran both programs successful and safely and we are excited to be Granite Staters for the year!

The girls are able to go to school in person, full-time and are LOVING it!! Meanwhile, Harry is enjoying the wide-open spaces and all the duck sightings (he calls them “quack quacks”!) and generally getting muddy and messy every day.

As you know, Winaukee is stunningly beautiful in the summer, but seeing in-person how camp has changed with Fall has been amazing. It really is a slice of heaven on earth. For any of you that follow us on social media we’ve been posting a lot more shots of camp so that everyone can enjoy the sights and sounds of the Fall season here.

Of course, it won’t all be rainbows and sunshine – in fact it’s due to snow this week! The winter will be long but we are excited to be able to ski and explore the area further with snow on the ground. We have had to change a few things about the way we live (e.g. meal planning – there is no supermarket or food delivery service nearby!) and have certainly become aware of the distance and time it takes to get anywhere.

It’s been a privilege to feel more connected to the camp and the local area and community where Winaukee has been for 100 years and we know it will allow a much more seamless transition as we move towards Summer 2021!

We’ll keep you updated on our New Hampshire adventure and feel free to give us a call if you are ever in the area!


Dan & Brooke

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