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The Journey

Boys come back to camp year after year. Ask them and they’ll tell you, your summer camp experience at Winaukee is more than just the activities you choose.

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I love camp for the friendships you make here.

Teddy, Camper
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At camp I’ve learned a big sense of community.

Alex, Camper
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You will find values you can’t get anywhere else.

Jack, Camper
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At Camp I have found a second home.

Jared, Camper
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Camp has shaped me into the young man I am today.

Leo, Camper

“It’s In My Soul”

That’s what one camper said!

Through your journey at camp you will mature, become more confident, responsible, understanding, kind — even a better friend.

At camp you can escape the pressures of school, social media, and keeping up with the Joneses.

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