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Outdoor Adventure

Winaukee provides a robust and progressive outdoor adventure program. Sitting in the White Mountains of New Hampshire we want each of our campers to experience the natural beauty of the area and the benefits of spending time with friends in this environment. Our youngest campers are introduced to short half-day hikes and some of the cool natural features of the White Mountains like the Polar Caves and Diana’s Baths. By the time your son is 12 he will hike Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeastern United States.

Winaukee has a low ropes course, high ropes courses, zip lines and a 26 foot climbing tower. Our ropes course provides campers an opportunity to experience the thrill of the zip line, but also a chance to challenge themselves in a way that isn’t possible at home. Scaling the climbing tower or jumping off the pamper pole are significant achievements that build confidence and resilience.

All of our outdoor adventure staff go through extensive training on our ropes courses and are certified in Wilderness First Aid.

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