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Individual Sports


Winaukee runs a high-quality tennis program across 18 hard and clay courts. We offer clinics during elective periods, leagues, serving and volley lessons, private instruction and inter-camp tournaments.

Our Intensive Tennis program allows interested campers to pursue advanced tennis instruction.


A new sport at Winaukee that is growing quickly! We have 2 pickleball courts where our boys love to play.

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Boys are naturally drawn to a sport like archery. It’s raw. It’s powerful, because the stakes are real. You’re holding a weapon. Counselors recognize this and are quick to put safety first. Your son will learn how to aim, to find his mark, and over time he may have the opportunity to participate in tournaments.

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Using our on-campus driving range and partnerships with local golf courses we offer specialized instruction focusing on the fundamentals of the game all the while growing the love for the game. We also run a 3-day golf trip for our older campers who get to play some of the best courses in New Hampshire.

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Strength & Conditioning

We run three programs out of our brand new gym to meet our camper’s individual fitness and athletic performance goals.

Strength focuses on introducing the basics of weight training to our campers. Qualified and experienced trainers work with every camper to improve their performance.

Speed and Agility focuses on developing quick footwork and reflexes that are used in all sports.

Conditioning focuses on building the endurance of our campers primarily through running.

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Let’s start making summer plans!

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Our process to submit an online camper application is quick and simple, taking just 10 - 15 minutes of your time. You will have the option to ‘save for later’ if you need to return to complete the application. Please reach out to us directly if you have any questions regarding your enrollment application.

We can’t wait to welcome you into our Winaukee family.

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