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Team Sports

No matter your son’s age or current ability, every boy is exposed to a wide range of athletic programming focused on developing skills while working amongst a team. Experienced coaches look to build your son’s confidence and self-esteem while role-modeling sportsmanship, communication and leadership skills.


Winaukee has incredible basketball facilities, including two indoor arenas, outdoor courts, and a smaller court for our little ballers to hone their skills. We run clinics, have intra-camp competitions and host tournaments every week!

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Soccer instruction takes place on our brand new soccer field. Boys are put through their paces by collegiate players and coaches with a focus on individual ball skills so every camper feels comfortable with the ball at their feet. Shooting, passing, dribbling and goalkeeping clinics are available so no matter what part of the ‘beautiful game’ needs work, you can get it at Winaukee.

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With three baseball fields, former professional players on staff, hitting cages, and a progressive program, your batting average will soar at Winaukee this summer! We offer instruction in hitting, pitching, catching, fielding and also ensure our campers know the correct way to warm their arm up to make sure they stay injury free.

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We offer non-contact and full-contact Lacrosse programs. Boys can be a part of the Winaukee Lacrosse Warriors if they want to play in tournaments and inter-camp competitions. Beginners learn basic stick handling, passing and shooting skills, while more advanced players are introduced to offensive and defensive concepts and drills.

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Winaukee’s flag football program introduces the game to boys of all ages and abilities. Our experienced coaches work with boys on all positions, focusing on different skills as they go. With sessions covering quarterback, running back, wide receiver and defensive positions, boys will develop their abilities no matter what their positional preference might be.

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Our Ice Hockey program is designed for experienced hockey players of all ages. We have exclusive use of the brand new ice skating rink at nearby Plymouth State University. Campers participate in stick and puck drills on the ice twice a week, along with scrimmages.

Winaukee’s Street Hockey program is something any boy can enjoy. With fewer skills to learn up front, it’s a camp favorite!

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