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First Time Campers

It can be nerve-racking to send your son away to sleepaway camp for the first time. Even if you understand the incredible benefits of doing so, your son may be nervous about any number of ‘unknowns’. At Winaukee, our team of Directors have over 75 years of experience helping boys transition into the camp environment and we take great care to create a personalized plan alongside you to ensure your son’s sucess his first summer. This process builds a unique partnership between you and our leadership team right from the start, ensuring not just an incredible first summer, but a string of summers that help your son become the best version of himself.

Our Personalized Approach

1. Get Connected

We believe our partnership begins during your decision making process and encourage every potential family to tour with us in person during the summer OR meet with one of our Directors during the off season. Camp is about people, and developing connections right from the start is where we like to begin. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, start building a relationship with us, and an opportunity for your son to get excited about going to camp.

2. Let’s Meetup

We run several local get togethers prior to camp so your son can meet other new campers, chat with existing campers and learn more about the summer ahead! If your son is in 1st - 4th grade, they will also be assigned a ‘camp big brother’ prior to the start of summer. This older camper will reach out in May or June to connect with your son, answer any questions and share why he loves Winaukee. This connection will be a touch point for your son throughout not just their first summer, but all of their years at Winaukee. If your son is starting camp and is older, we would also be happy to connect him with a peer to offer the same connection and support in a slightly more age-appropriate way.

Additionally, one of our Directors will reach out to you personally to ensure we know exactly what your son needs before he arrives. Food allergies & intolerances, specialized sports instruction, tutoring, medical needs and personal goals are all things we want to be aware of to ensure your son is his happiest, healthiest self and can have maximum fun during his time with us!

3. The First Few Days

Often, the first few days of the summer are the hardest as your mind wonders how he is doing. From the moment boys arrive at camp they are scheduled at activities to ensure they begin making friends and bonding with their counselors. The first days of camp are crucial as your son adapts to his bunk, his schedule and being more independent. Our staff are trained to keep a close eye on new campers, helping them get to know the other boys, orient them to the campus so they knew where things are and most importantly, so he feels cared for. Finally, first time camp parents will receive a phone call from a member of our leadership team who works closely with your son within the first 72 hours with an update on how he is doing.

4. Our Ongoing Commitment To You

We believe the success of your son over the course of his camper years at Winaukee begins with the Parent-Director partnership. We aim to work hand-in-hand with you not just duing the summer months, but throughout the fall, winter and spring to understand year-over-year the changing needs of your son. You will have direct access to our Directors at any point. This allows us to meet your son where he is and continue to support his growth and development both on and off the field.

Two Unique Experiences

Younger campers, boys ages 7-12, live together on the Mainland. Older boys, 13-15, live on the Island.

Explore the Mainland

Camp Winaukee is proud to be considered one of the best summer camps in America and a top employer for summer jobs and internships.