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Boys 13 - 15

The Island

Our private, 60-acre island houses incredible sports facilities, unbelievable views of Lake Winnipesaukee and our teenage campers aged 13-15!

The Island is a developmentally-appropriate summer camp environment that promotes a greater sense of responsibility, brotherhood and independence through our intentional program.

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Our program is 100% elective based. This means that our teenagers select their own schedule. They are able to make changes weekly. Activity periods are longer in duration allowing the boys to receive comprehensive coaching sessions. We also offer an increased number of inter-camp competitions and tournaments for our Island campers.

Our waterfront program is robust, allowing campers to develop advanced water-sport skills. Water-ski, wake-board and wake-ski are especially popular activities for Island campers. Fishing, sailing and paddleboarding around the Island provide a great balance to the adventure of the ski-boat.

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Boys are able to take advantage of several overnight trips including surfing, lobster fishing, white-rafting, and canoeing to name but a few.

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The Island is also home to a brand new, NCAA regulation indoor basketball arena. We run clinics, skills sessions and tournaments all day and into the evening under the lights. Our new gym offers the chance to learn or develop weight training skills alongside our qualified trainers. Morning cross-country runs build fitness and our speed & agility sessions increase overall athleticism in our campers.

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The philosophy of the Island revolves around community. It is about all of us. Our oldest boys lead the way for our younger campers and are true ‘Big Brothers’.

Island campers visit the Mainland for an all-camp BBQ once a week, they visit their little brothers on Sundays and also run evening activities for the younger boys frequently.

There is truly no better place than The Island for a teenager to spend his summer!

A Culture of Safety

We are parents too. We don’t take safety for granted.

Making Summer Camp Safe

Camp Winaukee is proud to be considered one of the best summer camps in America and a top employer for summer jobs and internships.