Gathering with Intention this Holiday Season

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A few years ago I had the opportunity to sit in a room with hundreds of other camp professionals and learn from the inspiring Priya Parker, author of The Art of Gathering.

Priya centers her work around using gatherings to help people create collective meaning in their lives. She believes that the difference between routine and ritual comes down to one thing . . . INTENTION. The holidays are a perfect time to employ some of her ideas and resources to make this Thanksgiving meaningful and memorable.

We all know how easy it is at family gatherings to fall into old routines and roles. So, how will you ensure your holidays are filled with intentional rituals routed in your family values and not just mundane ‘routines’?

Check out some of our ideas to make this holiday season even more meaningful!

Happy Holidays Winaukee!

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Host a Magical Gathering

Priya Parker was recently on the We Can Do Hard Things podcast with Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach.

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A simple game that everyone can play! Click the button for a full list of holiday-themed minute to win it games!

Minute To Win It

Family Feud!

Click the button for a step-by-step guide of fun family-feud questions and answers!

Family Feud

Topic-Driven Conversations

Checkout these fun Thanksgiving-themed and kid-friendly ‘Would You Rather’? conversation topics!

Conversation Topics
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Get creative with your decorations and place settings!

56 Easy Ideas Here!

Collectively remember those you’ve lost

Bring pictures of loved ones who have passed away and share the pictures and stories with younger generations. Share memories, stories and recipes so that the legacy of your family can be carried on through your children.

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When Your Family Can’t Be Together

Some years we are unable to gather our entire families together for any number of reasons. If your family will have members who are distant this year, here are some ideas on how to still celebrate together in an intentional way.

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Carry On A Family Recipe

It can be intimidating to try to re-create a longstanding family menu item if you no longer have a recipe! Tune in to this NPR podcast about how you can experiment thoughtfully and without expectation.

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Educate yourself and your family

Use the interactive map Native Land to learn more about the Indigenous people who lived wherever you’re spending your day. Take the time together to learn about and honor the people who came before you. You can use this guide from Chelsea Vowel to help guide your learning.

Native Land Map


Relive important moments from the year. Take the time to think back on the year thus far and the ‘highlights’ that you’d like your family to remember. Talking about meaningful moments we each hard or shared collectively is a powerful way to cement these positive memories.

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Volunteer Your Time

Time is often one of the best gifts you can give during the holidays. Use this incredible website to find local (to you!) initiatives and not-for-profit organizations that could use your help this time of year. Choosing an organization that is improtant to you and your family is the most important part.

Volunteer Match

Make a homemade dish

Something as simple as making your favorite holiday dish for a local family or friend who might be going through a difficult time is an easy way to support others during the season.

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Host a Friendsgiving for a Cause

No Kid Hungry can help you turn a fun night with friends into an easy way to give back to kids in need.

Learn more here
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Donate goods to your local food bank

Use this online tool from Feeding America to find a food bank or food pantry near you.

Online Search Tool

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