The Women of Winaukee

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It’s Wednesday, March 8th, 107 days until Summer 2023 and International Women’s Day!

Even though Winaukee is an all boys sports camp, we believe our staff must represent a diverse population, reflective of our current world. A vital cornerstone to ensuring we provide the best care, instruction and overall experience possible, are the Women of Winaukee.

Over the last generation, Winaukee has been home to more than just a few incredible women. Directors, Administrators, Counselors, Coaches, Doctors, Nurses, Chefs, Support Staff, Bus Drivers and many more roles have been filled by a roster of Women who have helped shape generations of boys and will continue to benefit the Winaukee community for years to come.

Today and everyday we thank and honor the women who show up for our boys: who lead us to greatness (Shout out to Beaver Tech 2022! - GO MADDIE!!), uphold our values, are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and who show up everyday as the best versions of themselves for our campers.

Here’s to the Women of Winaukee who care for our campers with all their heart, lead by example, hold us accountable and always have Buff and Blue in their soul. Thank you for the impact you have made, and the incredible ways you have shaped the lives and experiences of Winaukee Campers over the last century.

Camp Winaukee is proud to be considered one of the best summer camps in America and a top employer for summer jobs and internships.