A Day on The Island

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For boys ages 13-15, our Island campus is an age appropriate program and culture that uses sports and traditional camp activities to cultivate a community of young men who love to compete and play sports at a high level. It is also where our Brotherhood is strongest and where relationships are forged for a lifetime. There is nothing quite like a summer on The Island!

So what is a typical day on The Island?

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Morning Line Up

Mornings are slower on The Island, with a slightly later start than on younger boys on The Mainland. Every day begins the same way, with the community coming together to raise the flag, share announcements about the upcoming day and get excited for what’s to come.

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Our meals are buffet style with plenty of options to choose from, even for picky eaters. We offer a variety of foods, ensuring the boys have enough nutrients for the busy day ahead. Breakfasts include a ‘Main Hot Option’ as well as side options should the main choice not interest the camper. At breakfast, the side options available each day include cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, toast (sun butter, jelly, cream cheese) and fresh fruit.

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Morning Activities

Activities on the Mainland are each 75 minutes long and the program is entirely elective; meaning our Island campers choose all of their activities throughout the day. The two morning activities are typically geared to be high level, high intensity instruction and coaching. We find that energy levels are higher in the morning and the boys are ready to get after it right from the get-go.

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Lunch & Rest Hour

Lunch is always a welcome pit-stop in the middle of the day. We keep the favorites many love on the menu (pizza, chicken tenders, tacos, sandwiches, etc.) while ensuring there are plenty of healthy options as well. Our full salad bar offers a variety of vegetables, proteins and sides, in addition to our deli bar. Boys eat with their counselors and bunk-mates at each meal. We offer additional options on our Island menu that are not offered on the Mainland to ensure the caloric and protein needs are being met for these boys. From lunch, the boys head back to their cabins for Rest Hour and to recharge.

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Afternoon Activities

The afternoon consists of two more, 75-minute activities. The Island afternoon is centered around game-play and waterfront activities. Our waterfront is open throughout the day for both swimming and boating instruction. However, there is nothing like our late afternoon free-swim on those hot July days. Afternoon scrimmages and game-play allow our boys to implement the skills they are developing.

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Lineup & Dinner

The second community gathering on The Island, evening Lineup, includes fun games and story-telling in addition to the lowering of the flag. Dinner is our most hearty meal - ensuring the boys fill up after a busy day of activities. Similar to our other meals, there is always a main course supplemented with a full salad bar and pasta with a choice of sauce as an additional option for those who may not like the main course. We also ensure there is extra protein available as a ‘side option’.

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Evening Activities

Often one of the highlights of the day - our leadership team loves putting together exciting activities to cap off each day. From tournaments under the lights to movie nights under the stars and scavenger hunts; late-night free play gives the boys some autonomy for those ‘pick-up games’ and alternative game play that they might not get the rest of the day. There is no better way to wrap up a day on The Island.

Afterwards, campers and counselors head back to their cabins for showers and to wind down. Lights out is typically around 11pm on The Island.

See you tomorrow Camp Winaukee!

Camp Winaukee is proud to be considered one of the best summer camps in America and a top employer for summer jobs and internships.