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A Typical Day

Your day will start when you wake up in your bunk overlooking beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. Once you brush your teeth and throw on your clothes, Mainland camp staff will participate in one of three activities with their campers — Polar Bear (jumping in the lake…brrrr!), Boot Camp (an exercise class to get your heart pumping), or Cheetah Club (a quick jog around camp which can turn into a race with one of your campers). Island camp staff will participate in an all-camp flag raising.

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Next, enjoy a delicious breakfast with your bunk in the dining hall followed by a campus meeting. Now, you are ready to spend the day moving around from activity to activity with your bunk (general counselors) or to teach your sport to our campers (activity specialists). After a few hours of fun, lunch is served followed by rest hour. This is the time to reset for an afternoon of exciting activities and instruction.

Before you know it, it is dinner time! After dinner, you will enjoy the shenanigans of another campus meeting. You never know what will happen!! Finally, you and your bunk will participate in an exciting evening activity. And, then it’s time to get ready for bed. And, lights out!

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Camp Winaukee offers a broad range of sports programming, waterfront activities and outdoor adventure programming and much more! Programming differs for each of our camps. The Mainland Camp provides a nurturing and structured program in which campers have 50% choice in their daily activities. The Island Campers have greater autonomy and are able to choose 100% of their daily activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions